Rudy Giuliani has no Corpus Callosum, Nyah! Nyah! Nyah!

Really, have we ever seen quite so stark a contrast -- make that "so profound an abyss" -- between what a man professes and how he has lived? Outside of tent evangelists, that is?

Family values? Law and order? Love of country? Fortunately for him, these are phrases that are easily memorized.


The "New" Atheists

Much discussion of them lately in various venues -- Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, Harris, and others. It's almost a Newtonian phenomenon -- outbursts of fundamentalism among Jews, Christians, and Moslems provoke an equal and opposite reaction. You'd have thought the smarter ones would have had more self-control.

I don't trust the New Atheists, because I don't trust anyone who insists upon telling me just what sort of person he or she is.


Darwin at Work

It has been noted that, while the percentage of unvaccinated children is quite low overall, those little squalling time bombs are not evenly distributed among the rest. Instead, they tend to be clustered in communities where like minded persons live and congregate. When infection occurs, then, there is a ready-made field of opportunity for its rapid spread.

Nature’s lesson here is plain: In order to remain among those fittest to survive, children are strongly urged not to pick stupid parents.


O tempora! O dummkopf!

Just spotted this in a little article in the Atlantic (often considered a high-class mag):

"...the old Greek adage nosce te ipsum (know thyself)..."



On Bakewell on Montaigne

I have a piece in The Fortnightly Review. Read it if you are so moved.